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Topics List

We welcome all papers relevant to topics in the intersection of content-based retrieval and natural language processing concerned with pragmatics. Possible topics are:

  • Affective computing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Computational semiotics
  • Cross-cultural multi-modal recognition techniques
  • Distributional semantics
  • Event modeling, recognition, and understanding
  • Gesture recognition
  • Human-machine multimodal interaction
  • Integration of multimodal features
  • Machine learning for multimodal interaction
  • Multimodal analysis of human behavior
  • Multimodal datasets development
  • Multimodal deception detection
  • Multi-modal sensor fusion
  • Multi-modality modeling
  • Structured semantic embeddings
  • Techniques for description generation of images/videos/other signal-based modalities

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Important Dates

December 20 30, 2017 Submissions due
January 10 24, 2018 Acceptance notification
January February 20, 2018 Camera-ready papers due
April 10, 2018 Workshop date (tentative date)